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Welcome to the eCOBIDAS documentation


Poor methods and results description hinders the reproducibility and the replicability of research. It also makes it hard to compare new and old results and generally increases inefficiency in the research process. This project is built on the hope that improving methods and results reporting could improve our research.

See here for more background information.


The short term goal of this project is to make the COBIDAS report (and other best practices for methods reporting) easier to use: we want to create a website with a clickable checklist that, at the end, automatically generates most of the method section of a (f)MRI / (i)EEG / MEG / PET paper.

See here for more information on our vision and general goals. You can also go directly to one of the following section to see a breakdown of those goals and see some extensions we have in mind for the project.

  1. short term goals
  2. intermediate goals
  3. long term goals

If you are interested by any of those, get in touch. Contributing to this project does not necessarily require super-advanced technical skills (except maybe a certain love for working with spreadsheet and wanting them to be super organized) :wink:.

Project structure

See here for more information about how this whole project is organized.


A lot of the work for this projects starts with some (usually pretty big) spreadsheets.

See here for a description of their content and what the work involves.

How to run the checklist

See here for more information on how to work on the checklist on your own computer.


See here.